Whatever the challenge facing you or your accountancy practice, be it growth, efficiency, profitability, productivity, or planning, our mission is to support you to achieve your goals.
Software to manage your Accountancy Business
Kamozo is designed to help you reach your business goals by supporting your management of day-to-day routines and curve balls whilst keeping you on track to deliver your future business targets.
The Engine at the Heart of your Business

Kamozo is built to be the engine at the heart of your accountancy business. Whether you are a sole practitioner with a hundred clients or a multi-partner practice with a number of offices, offering one or a varied number of services to your clients, Kamozo can be configured to be that reliable engine that powers you to achieve your particular business, goals, and ambitions.

Kamozo will empower your Practice with data-driven insights on how to drive efficiencies in the 3 key areas of your business: People, Workloads and Jobs.


Enables a practice to monitor and measure the capacity of the team and the ability to do the work as well as quickly responding to customer needs as they require.


Enables a practice to understand when work has to be delivered and its capacity requirement.


Enables a practice to see what work is being done, who is responsible for it, when it should be completed, and if it is profitable for the business.

Kamozo helps you to manage, track, and store your data in one place, reporting on your business in real-time.

Use these insights, to learn from the past, understand today and navigate your future so that you maximise the potential and realise the ambitions of your business.

Engage your team and delight your customers

Kamozo is designed to focus on the three key components of a practice, managing time, jobs, and resources (people). The design is focused on ensuring that when changes are required to routines or the curve ball, they can be managed with the minimum of fuss by those on the front line or management as appropriate. Ease of operation and productivity are at the core of Kamozo.

Maximises your client service by understanding your business data

Kamozo provides you access to a comprehensive dashboard configured to focus on your key metrics on client management, productivity (jobs and people), providing you the insight that enables you to drive your business and achieve your goals.

Building Your Business Case

Businesses thrive when they plan and execute to the plan. Collaboration is the key to success. Together we will work to:

Explore & identify explicit value that justifies your business case – Workshop

Maximise the opportunity – Create the business plan

Deliver the next steps - Plan and deliver the implementation


Whatever the challenge facing you or your Practice, our mission is to support you to achieve your goals.

Securing our future – Accelerating growth

Sole practitioner Angela

Kamozo duel screen 2-1-1

Planning for succession – securing our future

Partnership – Charles, Andrew, Mary, and Dave


Fear of taking the wrong direction – Doing the right thing

Sole practitioner Jonathan

Kamozo duel screen 3-1-1

Securing today for our tomorrow - Validating value for Exit

Partnership – Michael, Marcus, Dominic and Richard


We are advocates of the five Ps: Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. We have developed a PRACTICE specific implementation program designed to take the stress out of a new project.

The 5 step process

  1. Setting up your practice
  2. Processing Trial Data: Client data upload & data verification
  3. User Training
  4. Soft Go Live
  5. Go live

ICAEW Technology Accreditation

The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England & Wales (ICAEW) has awarded Kamozo a full technology accreditation.

Kamozo is the first accredited software company to focus solely on accountancy practitioners as a business, providing key metrics through insight enabling you to drive performance and achieve your goals.

Read more about the accreditation here, on the ICAEW’s site:

Or, download a copy of the ICAEW evaluation report below:


Solving everyday Practice problems

Aurora Tax

Maximising the identified value in the acquisition.


Accounts & Tax – Woking

Validating the cost of delivery, the expected fee and the true charge value of the time expended on the clients.


Neil Roberts

Managing client expectations, improving client engagement,


Wealth Management

Making important decisions based on evidence and improve our performance.

Solving everyday practice problems: Performance + Insight = Growth = Kamozo

Mark Hill – Kamozo Founder

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