Kamozo is a cloud-based app for accounting practices to manage jobs, track time and bill clients.

Everything is moving online

From e-filing to online bookkeeping, accountants are becoming aware of the increasing pressures to adopt the right tools for their practice. We founded Kamozo to create software that really helps accounting practices manage their clients, jobs, time and billing efficiently.

What are the main benefits of using JobTrack & TimeTrack?

  • Keeps your practice organised
  • Easy to use with instant setup
  • Affordable for all practice sizes
  • Secure online access for teams
  • Improves firm profitability

By Accountants, For Accountants

Mark Hill, MD of Kamozo, is a certified accountant. Kamozo was designed from the ground up specifically for accounting practices because generic workflow management tools didn’t cut it.

As an accountant or practice manager you can:

  • Keep your client details securely in one place
  • Automatically populate filing deadlines
  • Assign jobs to team members with reminders
  • Set billing rates and internal costs per job
  • Use standardised or custom workflows

Cloud Powered Software

You can securely access the app from any device at any time and never have to worry about software updates. It’s also ideal for accounting practices that support remote working.

Know Exactly What’s What

From setting up a new client to service delivery, you know exactly what your team is working on, what jobs are coming up and how much to charge. To save time, Kamozo can automatically populate filing due dates and set up reminders for jobs assigned to individual team members. Planning ahead for busy periods based on real data helps you make smarter hiring decisions.

Secure Online Access

All sensitive client data and communication between your web browser and our cloud servers are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts the data. We are developing new security features such as audit trails and multi-factor authentication.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Kamozo lets you create a job, track how long it takes and plan work ahead. That’s a smart way to manage your team’s workload with a transparent way to measure performance. A team that’s empowered to do the job with the tools they need in a measurable way increases firm profitability.

Fixed Fee or Billable Hour?

Whether your practice uses a fixed-fee or time spent billing structure, Kamozo offers a better way to track time spent on jobs. You know exactly how much to bill the client based and whether your team is hitting performance targets with easy-to-use reports.

Planning the Road Ahead

Know when to take on new staff. Kamozo have designed simple but powerful reporting tools to show you the status of what your team is working on, track individual team members’ performance against benchmarks and see what jobs are forecast so you can plan what resources you need.

Your Unique Services

Whether you create a standardised services catalogue or need support for multiple billing models such as complex projects that need scoping or simple fixed fee jobs that repeat periodically, Kamozo will support the way you want to run your practice. Try our smart tools for smart accountants now.


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