Wealth Management

Making important decisions based on evidence and improve our performance

Director of accounting services - Wealth Management

I am the director of accounting services within a group of companies in the Financial Services sector. Our role is to offer value added services to the clients within our Wealth management team. I report to the group board.

In providing our value-added services to our clients we are intimately involved with handling highly personal and professional information that has set deadlines and often complex governance rules. Our role for both our clients and members of our team mean that we need be accurate, diplomatic, and efficient. Our mission is to align our offering and support the group in maximising the lifetime value of our clients. In doing so we help build the foundations for sustainable growth over the next ten years.

Our current client base is substantial and is well supported by a well-staffed team. However,I believe, we always have room for improvement. I needed to investigate what tools were available that would provide me up to date data and therefore insight into our practice. Having this would allow me to make important decisions based on evidence and improve our performance. I found and installed Kamozo which has transformed my divisions financial performance and customer service journey. Our productivity has increased by 20%, billable hours have increased 15% and we have yet to miss a deadline for any client.

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