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Maximising the identified value in the acquisition

Liam – Director & Shareholder – Aurora Tax Services

My role is to identify opportunity both internally and within the industry that will add value to our business.

Recently an acquisition opportunity, a local sole practitioner practice retiring came to our attention. The practice was not big but had a loyal customer base built up over many years. Completing due diligence, we identified there were perceived productivity and revenue opportunities that, if acted on, would add a significant multiple to the value placed on the clients by the owner.

My challenge was how to deliver on the opportunity. I needed tools to help me deliver on my goals. After a review I chose Kamozo because of their promise to help me facilitate my next steps, and in doing so ensured that I maximised the identified value in the acquisition.

When we set out with this project, we thought we might achieve retain 95% of the clients, this we achieved, but we have surpassed our revenue targets by 37% whilst keeping within our anticipated resource plan. Without the Kamozo input we would have achieved our goals but with it we went above and beyond.

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