Securing today for our tomorrow – Validating value for Exit

Securing today for our tomorrow – Validating value for Exit

Partnership – Michael, Marcus, Dominic and Richard

We are a group of practitioners who came together as a practice and partnership thirty years ago. We all have similar backgrounds in our early years. We came together to pool our resource, capability, and knowledge and by doing so were able to reduce our personal risk setting out on our own. It has proved to be a successful formula. The partnership has 1,500 clients, and we focus on the SME market, but specialise in the manufacturing and leisure sectors.

As a practice like most of our age group we have seen the highs and lows in the economy from the millennium and failures, the fiscal crisis of 2008, Brexit and lastly the Pandemic and the current turmoil of the cost-of-living crisis. We have weathered all of these storms. We have a team of 4-5 people with a mix of long serving and younger employees with the good understanding of our customers. The team believe we face an uncertain economic climate, changing working practices (including, hybrid working and outsourcing), and are keen to return to more stable times. We however recognise that this is unlikely soon.

Our core driver for the practice is that we are approaching the end of our careers and are concerned about the exit value of the business and our ability to maintain our current lifestyles in retirement. Our focus we believe therefore needs to be extending the Lifetime value of our client base and maintain and maximise the potential of these current revenue streams and improve our productivity. Driving more with the same cost base. We are looking to build resilience and future-proofing the business value for Exit. Currently we would not be certain how to measure the value of the business or how to validate our expectations.

We need a trusted advisor, who understands our world, our issues and can help us formulate a plan to help us reach our goal. We know that technology will play a part in helping get there but don’t know what that looks like and worse would not know what to do with it.

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