Planning for succession – securing our future

Planning for succession – securing our future

Partnership – Charles, Andrew, Mary, and Dave

We are a partnership founded by Charles and Andrew that has been in business for twenty -five years. Five years ago, we were joined by Mary and Dave who has been working for the business for eight years. The partnership has several thousand clients, and we focus on the SME market, but specialise in the retail and construction sectors.

As a partnership we have seen the highs and lows in the economy from the millennium and failures, the fiscal crisis of 2008, Brexit and lastly the Pandemic and the current turmoil of the cost-of-living crisis. We have weathered all of these storms and have come to understand that change in what ever form is now a constant, thanks largely to technology especially the adoption of “Digital” by HMRC.

The practice is sound as we continue with modest growth and evolve into new sectors driven by Mary and Dave. Mary and Dave understand the drivers around technology, and its impact on wider society. We have a team of five people who are mix of long serving and younger staff with the requisite experience of the business, technology skills etc. Mary and Dave are keen to build the team and introduce Community / Health and Wellness programmes and new motivation and reward schemes.

Whilst recognising that change is inevitable, we as a practice do see that industry trends like Making Tax Digital / ITSA are a real risk to practice revenue streams added to that the economic climate is a serious threat as customers in the retail sector are finding life difficult.

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