Fear of taking the wrong direction – Doing the right thing

Fear of taking the wrong direction – Doing the right thing

Sole practitioner Jonathan

I have run my own practice for 35 years and it has provided me with a good living, and I enjoy the work, apart from of course the crunch points, year-end etc. I have about 450 clients most of whom have been with me for many years, and I see them more as friends than clients. My clients are a good mix of business and personal. They have been loyal to me, and I need to look after them.

The last few years have been difficult with an increasing number of business clients retiring, selling their business, or going out of business. The Accounting profession has changed with digital systems and the Business world is more complex, I have problems keeping up on so many levels. The pandemic and the current economic crisis have had a substantial impact on personal and business finances. I am not immune personally. My own economic wellbeing is being strained and I am concerned as I still have at least another ten years of my working life ahead of me. I have my retirement to “look forward “too. It all costs.

I know that there is help out there, both people and new systems that might help me. But I find it all too difficult to see what is right for me. I am procrastinating for fear of taking the wrong direction.

I need a trusted advisor. Who understands my world, my issues and can help me formulate a plan. My goal is to build a way forward so that I can continue to support my loyal clients and build future value into the business to provide a good income that will also add to my retirement pot.

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