Managing client expectations

Managing client expectations, improving client engagement

Neil Roberts – Managing Director

I run a growing accountancy practice in central London. In May 2022 I was in search of a solution to help me better manage my client expectations, improve client engagement, the work I was undertaking for them, and to deliver an overall better client experience.

Having looked at the solutions that were available to me I chose to adopt Kamozo into my practice. Once the practice was tracking and monitoring time spent on client tasks it was obvious to me that a single large past project would have generated significantly more value to the practice if we were tracking time better previously. I have been kicking myself for not adopting Kamozo sooner.

One of the key decisions I made was to go with Kamozo, it was based on their promise of facilitating my next steps. Implementation, and all that entails, is the key to success. I am now confident that I can monitor and manage ad hoc and out of scope work that presents itself in the practice, It also materially changes the way the practice functions, coping with any change to size and scale, whilst maximising the potential of the business, laying the foundation for my growth plans.

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