Securing our future – Accelerating growth

Securing our future – Accelerating growth

Sole practitioner Angela

I am a sole practitioner and I have had my own business for five years. The business has been growing slowly but steadily and I have a core clientele of about 350. The mix is about sixty percent business with rest being personal, the majority of those being business clients. I have an active lifestyle based around family and friends and I am passionate about my community, social justice and I campaign actively in my community on Climate Change.

I have a small team of 2 people who share my work and social values. The team are well grounded professionals who are committed to the business, and I need to ensure that we all can manage through the current uncertain economic climate. I am fully aware that it will be some time before we return to the previous stable economic climate of low inflation & low interest rates and I must therefore adapt to meet this new reality and continue to grow the business. It, however, concerns me how best to manage this.

My perception is that to secure the future for me and my team I need to focus on productivity, doing more with same resources and focus on client acquisition. I know that technology has to be at the core, but technology for technology’s sake is not the answer. I need tools that are designed to work in “my world.” More importantly I need people who can make it happen quickly and get it right first time, so I can accelerate my growth and secure our future as a business.

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